Flintfields Horse Park in Williamsburg, MI. during the TC Spring Horse Shows


TRAVERSE CITY, MI. – The second annual Veterans Inspirational (VIV) Art Show will take place on June 24, 2023. The Art Show reception will take place at Flintfields Horse Park in Williamsburg, Michigan during the Traverse City Spring Horse Shows. VIV has an exciting partnership with the Traverse City Spring Horse Show, Reining Liberty Ranch, and VIV. The show is exclusive to veteran artists at no cost and artists will have an opportunity to sell their work commission free during the event.


Veterans Inspiring Veterans (VIV) is a group of veteran professionals in the region that came together with a mission to empower and support veterans in our community. VIV is project-oriented, and works along with other veteran organizations to fulfil the mission of serving our community of veterans to overcome hardships big and small. The Veterans Inspirational Art Show is VIV’s second project to raise funds to support its mission. All proceeds raised during the show are a fund raiser for Reining Liberty Ranch.

For more information about getting involved, sponsorship opportunities, and to purchase tickets to the event see our web site Or to learn more about Veterans Inspiring Veterans and the VIV Art Show, contact Karen Cunningham,, 231-499-7868

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