About Veterans Inspiring Veterans

VIV 23

A small group of combat veterans came together in February 2019, in Traverse City, with a mission to empower and support veterans in our community. We are a project oriented informal group seeking to work with other veteran groups to complete our missions. Our continued mission is the Veterans Inspirational Art Show.

One of our goals is to encourage veterans to reengage with the community. Our mission is to “help veterans in any way big or small”. We will create projects, arrange events, or simply help support a veteran who needs a hand. We take no money, and 100% of what we do, say, and earn will go towards the veterans we serve. We are giving back to the community, by supporting those who have sacrificed so very much for our country.

Money raised has helped Veterans with emergency or unexpected expenditures that aren’t covered through the VA such as: dental expenses, car repairs, transportation, and housing. 

Karen Cunningham, Point of Contact
Email: kleecunningham@gmail.com| Phone: 231-499-7868